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Definitely. We may ask a bride and groom or corporate group if you can attend their event to see Band of Gold perform live. Because our events are typically private, the decision is up to our clients. That is why we also host an Open House Event every month at our rehearsal studio. At our Open House Event, you can see the band live, meet our team of musicians, and discuss everything about your event in a private showcase.
Yes. Band of Gold requires a $500 deposit to officially book your event. From there, you can choose to pay the balance in installments or one lump sum. The final payment is not due until the day of.
Band of Gold does not require a stage but if your event facility is willing to provide one, the dimensions vary with the number of musicians in your package. The instruments that take up the most space are drums, keyboards, front of house sound equipment, and our lighting rig. Click here to see our stage layout for our various sized music groups.
Our sound system and lighting must plug into 3 prong, grounded electrical outlets. For the best results, we request 2 120v/20amp circuits. We do not prefer GFCI outlets with local reset buttons as they tend to trip during our performance.
We are willing if you are! It's your event so you can tell us if you would like us to take song requests or not. Be sure to let us know songs you don't like so we don't play them on your big day!
Oh yeah! Although our playlist is huge, we don't know every song. We are happy to learn up to 3 songs for your event. Our DJ can also play your favorites during one of the band's short breaks.
Band of Gold takes about 10 minutes per hour to rest. During this time, our DJ takes over so the music and fun never stop! We can also work with your timeline to make sure the breaks happen at the perfect time. Our goal is to keep your guests dancing and entertained!
Band of Gold would like to receive your request list 6 to 8 weeks before your event. That gives us time to add your favorite music to our rehearsal rotation so everything will sound great for you and your guests!
For weddings and corporate events, Band of Gold's men wear formal attire such as black suits. Tuxedos are also available on request for an additional charge. Our ladies wear a nice evening dress with a splash of color. For more casual affairs, we can wear the attire of your choice.
Our style is your style. Seriously. We cover over 75 years of music including almost every genre of music from bebop to hip hop. Just tell us what you want and it's yours!
We like to have 3 hours for set up and sound check but we can do it in less if your venue and timeline require it. We just want everything to look and sound great as the first guests enter the reception area.
We do! You don't have to worry about a thing with Band of Gold!
Each of our band lineups requires a different amount of space though the power requirements are the same. Go to our STAGE LAYOUTS page to see how much space each lineup requires.
Yes. As a band, we perform from a 4-10 piece group. You can also hire a soloist or duo for your ceremony. All of our musicians are classically trained so anything's possible.
No way! Once you have added our lighting package, we've got ya covered!
Our professional grade lighting is available for an additional charge. During cocktails and dinner, our lights match your decor to create a beautiful and elegant room. Once the dancing begins, the lighting becomes more interactive with your dance floor and it is operated by our experienced production team.
Our production team is on top of our sound quality and noise level. We are constantly walking the room making sure to focus our volume onto your dance floor while maintaining a perfect level for conversation. Band of Gold does not want your guests to miss the action by going outside.
A typical music package includes up to 4 hours of continuous music.
Of course! We will make all of your announcements from your introduction to your departure. Need someone to lead your guests in a game or call bingo numbers. We can do that too!
Band of Gold performs about 35-50 weddings or other special events each year. We're a busy group, but that doesn't keep us from treating your event like it's the only one on our calendar!
No. Your event is important and it deserves our full attention.
Band of Gold has backup musicians. And we have backups for our backups. We've been performing for a long time and we have played with tons of great musicians who are willing and able to help at a moment's notice.
Oh yes. Our equipment is state of the art and constantly updated. That being said, you never know! Band of Gold brings at least 2 of everything. Nothing can get in the way of your awesome party!
We are pro. Every professional vendor should have liability insurance and bands are definitely no exception. Safety is a big concern for us so even though we carefully move our equipment, we carry a $2,000,000 policy with us for property damage and injury coverage. We've never had to use it, but it is there for everyone's peace of mind.
Things happen. It's a bummer, but they do. If something goes wrong with your date, we still want to party with you! Though the retainer (deposit) is non-refundable, we are happy to apply it to a future event up to a year away if the band is available.
Ahh, that's our specialty! Through awesome song selection, the band performing and dancing with your guests on the dance floor, and a great light show, we get it done! We can also lead your guests in participation dances if you're into that!